About PNOC Foundation

Made up of family and friends of pediatric brain tumor patients and philanthropic professionals, the PNOC Foundation is a compassionate and dedicated group focused on setting up strategies, policies and fundraising vehicles to support the efforts of PNOC. The PNOC Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2013.

Bruce Campbell


Bruce is the Chief Operations Officer and a partner at Vionic Group LLC, one of America's fastest growing footwear companies. In addition to his involvement with PNOC, Bruce and his wife Allyn were founding supporters of UCSF's Pediatric Brain Trauma Center (PBTC) and are active supporters and fundraisers for the National Brain Tumor Society. Bruce and his family are passionate about finding a cure for pediatric brain tumors and improving the quality of life for patients, survivors and their families. Originally born in Sydney, Australia, Bruce has lived and worked abroad for nearly 20 years and now resides with his wife Allyn and son George in Marin County.


Linda Hartig


Linda is retired from 30+ years as a software executive providing global leadership for service delivery and sales at both Oracle and Avaya. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from SUNY Stony Brook. Linda has been personally touched with family and friend’s diagnosis and treatments of brain tumors. She has a passion to support research and treatments to improve individual outcomes and extend lives. Linda resides in Northern California and is a wife and mother of two sons.


Brenda Hefti


Brenda is currently in-house counsel for a local biotech company, and holds a PhD in Neuroscience.  In her former position at UCSF, she assisted in organizing the PNOC, and has remained active through her role in the Foundation after her departure.  Brenda originally became interested in supporting brain tumor research through her daily interactions with the researchers and clinicians in UCSF's Neurosurgery department, and is thrilled to continue to support this important research with the Foundation.


Allyn Campbell


Allyn has been an advocate in the fight against pediatric brain tumors since her son George was diagnosed with an ependymoma in 2010. She and her husband Bruce have helped procure a pediatric neurocognitive psychologist at UCSF for pediatric patients suffering from brain tumors or injury, offering a comprehensive diagnosis and protocol to ease the return to school and lifestyle. Prior to the birth of George, Allyn worked in marketing in the personal care goods industry and lived abroad in several countries. Born and raised in the SF Bay Area, she wanted to return to the area with her family.


Amy Cunha


Amy is an expert PR strategist for consumer lifestyle brands. Amy founded Big Picture PR in 2004, serving national brands to start-ups in the consumer lifestyle space. Specializing in global and national public relations campaigns, Amy’s expertise comes from building and launching hundreds of brands in the consumer lifestyle sector: fashion, accessories, design, footwear, health/wellness, beauty and consumer tech.


Darren Tucker


As a young boy at the age of 6, Darren spent over a year of his life n Philadelphia Children's Hospital with Legg Perthes Disease. Although he was fortunate to make a full recovery, many of his fellow patients were not and he knows all to well what it's like to spend that much time in the hospital away from family, friends and the normal day to day of a healthy childhood. Today as a father of two, Darren is deeply passionate about supporting pediatric causes. He has been a strong supporter of PNOC Foundation since its inception. Darren is a successful footwear entrepreneur and business owner and resides in Santa Monica, CA with his family.