Funding Opportunities are open to each Principal Investigator who is a member of the PNOC.

Funding cycles are dependent upon receipt of donations. At this time, there is no predetermined schedule for open funding opportunities. Current and past funding opportunities:

Administrative support of ongoing activities of the PNOC (past)

PNOC-05 and early phase clinical trial using measles virus to treat subjects with recurrent medulloblastoma and ATRT (current)

    Indirect Costs Policy

The PNOC Foundation defines indirect costs as:

  • Overhead or other expenses for the general, ongoing operation of the applicant organization that are not identified with any specific project
  • Administrative or other expenses that are charged as a flat percentage of a total grant or contract, which are not associated with a particular project

The PNOC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for profit charitable organization. The PNOC Foundation’s management and board of directors donate their time and effort to the Foundation and its activities. Our indirect costs policy reflects our commitment that the largest possible percentage of donated funds should go directly to the PNOC Foundation’s charitable purpose.

Grant awards and other funds provided by the PNOC Foundation to any recipient organization must be allocated directly and entirely to the funded project, and not to indirect or overhead costs. Grants will not be awarded that include allocations or holds for indirect costs. Recipients must work with their Institutions to ensure that all PNOC Foundation funds are directed to the grantee for the funded project. No waivers to the PNOC Foundation’s indirect costs policy will be granted.