The Pacific Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Consortium (PNOC) was formed as partnership with leading hospitals and multidisciplinary pediatric teams to pool resources and collaborate to achieve the common goals of treating, and ultimately curing, the most aggressive pediatric brain tumors.

At PNOC, our focus is personalized medicine -- testing new therapies that are specific to the biology of each patient's tumor to maximize their effectiveness and minimize therapies not optimal for their tumor type.

Meet our Heroes

George Emily
  • This is George, a 9 year old boy who loves lizards, baseball and exploring outdoors.

    In the summer of 2010, George started experiencing morning headaches and nausea. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor, an ependymoma, the size of a small orange, located on the right side of his brain. He underwent 10 hours of surgery and 31 sessions of subsequent radiation therapy. George handled the pain, discomfort, long visits with doctors and the complete lack of routine like a champion. He continues to go from strength to strength physically and mentally. George and his family marked the milestone third year free of tumor recurrence with memorable, family-oriented, fun-filled vacations and activities together, celebrations not taken for granted nor postponed.

  • Emily is a popular ten-year old girl who excels in the classroom and the sports field.

    Emily is a survivor. An eye that didn’t constrict properly led to an MRI and a diagnosis of one or possibly two Meningioma brain tumors when Emily was 4 years old. Emily’s life and that of her family changed that day.

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